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Pro/Street Photography

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Canon EOS Rebel 2000 Auto-Focus camera!

This equipment was used to take all of these pictures but the race shots. To see even more results of this camera's extremely sweet capabilites, visit my other web site by clicking on the link on the Front Page.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE MANY, MANY MOST-WANTED AND MOST-USEFUL FEATURES OF THIS CAMERA... Full Auto-Focus or Manual Focus, 3 metering modes including spot and average, 7 user-selectable focusing points, 5 programmed modes, 5 creative modes, Depth-of-field preview, Shutter Priority/Aperture Priority/Full-Auto mode/Program AE/plus Full Manual Exposure mode, Focus Lock and Exposure Lock, Built-in Pop-up flash with Cancelable Red-Eye Reduction, Programmable and cancelable Self Timer, Exposure Compensation in 1/2-stop increments up to +/-2.5 stops, Multiple Exposure mode (up to 9 shots on 1 frame!), Automatic Exposure Bracketing (will automatically shoot 3 shots of same picture: 1 underexposed/1 overexposed/1 correctly exposed...for those times you are not sure of best night shots), 33 shutter speeds from 30 seconds to 1/2000 plus Bulb, 27 Aperture settings, Single-frame or 1.5fps film advance, LCD panel on top, and LOTS of other features!

YOU GET ALL THIS!! Canon EOS Rebel 2000 body, Canon EF 28-80mm f/3.5 AF lens, Canon EF 80-200mm f/4.5 AF lens, Quantary 2x AF Teleconverter, Canon Remote Shutter Release, Slik U-6600 lightweight tripod, Seikanon 58mm Circular Polarizer, Quantaray 58mm 6-pt Star filter, Quantaray 52mm Diffusion filter, Hoya 52mm 6-pt Star filter, Hoya 52mm 4-pt Star filter, Tiffen 52mm UV filter, Canon 52mm 80b Blue filter, Kenko R1 Red filter, black soft camera bag, 3 rolls of Kodachrome 64 color slide film and 1 roll of Kodak Gold 100 color print film, Lens cleaning pen and lens tissues, a book all about everything you would ever want to know about this camera and how to use it's features which I ordered from Barnes & Noble, Original boxes and owner's manuals for everything but filters, Original receipts for all but a few filters.

I bought this camera and both lenses brand new 4 months ago! Everything is in excellent condition! I just need to pay some bills right away.

CASH ONLY...FIRM! I've invested over $950 including tax, so you will save over $550 from what you would pay in stores! This is an AWESOME DEAL, and advertised all over the Tri-Cities, both on bulletin boards and website, so hurry!

Call Kits Camera at Columbia Center Mall and ask for the price of the Rebel 2000 "kit", plus the Canon EF 80-200 zoom and teleconver and tripod mentioned above, and also the remote shutter release...they will give you a price, WITHOUT TAX, of $716!!! This is NOT including any filters, film, bag, cleaning tools, books, this deal is like buying the camera/28-80/strap "kit" and paying tax, then getting $515 worth of accessories FREE!

If interested, call me at 530-9332 as soon as possible!

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